When less is too much

Governance Design

In todayʼs complex and dynamic environments, a clear sense of direction and just-enough coordination is better than a precise plan and tight control. Decision-making rights in the organization shall be distributed to a maximum degree, making space to new ideas and behaviors and enabling agile self-organization and full system adaptive transformations.

In designing the governance architecture, we make use of our proprietary Agile Governance ModelTM (AGM) and other frameworks as appropriate.

Our Governance Design includes:

  • Identifying key decision areas

  • Specifying respective policy domains

  • Specifying decision rights

  • Aligning governance with other organizational aspect-systems

  • Instituting pertinent governance processes

We are a Certified Holacracy PractitionerTM. HolacracyTM is a comprehensive, best-practice-based "operating system" that facilitates agile organizational governance and steering.


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