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Developmental Coaching

 “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
− Albert Einstein

Requisite Alignment is a developmental coaching program that will help you to discover your own mental processes, define the problems and arrive at your own insights and solutions to improve the situation. Focusing on your present ways of presenting issues, problems, goals, and desired outcomes, you are challenged to find alternative ways of representing, organizing and construing your experience, breaking through the habitual forms in which you organize your life and work.

The coaching will increase your self-awareness, conceptual capability, flexibility and time horizon, resulting in better and more balanced job performance. Whether you are an independent professional, entrepreneur, business leader or corporate citizen, systematic interaction in the form of this coaching program will help you to find your motivation, sustain it for a longer period of time and achieve the results you are looking for.


What is Developmental Coaching?

In traditional behavioral coaching, the client is seen as a habituated mechanism whose performance and skills can be improved.  The psychodynamic approach adds attention to the client’s defensive mechanisms, character and life history, but also neglects the developmental status and potential capabilities of the person.

Developmental perspective widens the time window within which coaching is conceived and practiced. It goes beyond snapshots of behavior and addresses longitudinal development across time. With theoretical roots in adult developmental psychology, developmental coaching acknowledges that individuals make sense and meaning at various levels of complexity throughout their life span. It not only promotes horizontal learning but also transformative vertical development with the potential of order-of-magnitude gains.

We are certified in Developmental Assessment as bestowed by Interdevelopmental Institute.


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