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When less is too much

Sometimes less is just too much. To be adaptive in today’s turbulent, digital environment, the very logic of your organization needs to be up to par with the agility imperative. Otherwise, your repairs may just exacerbate the problems. Requisite Remedy helps you diagnose, design and develop your organization, requisitely.

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Our diagnostic tools help you “take the pulse” of your organization’s capabilities.


Our pre-packaged programs help you get up to speed with your capability development endeavors.


Our training offerings help build your people’s capacity to develop your organization’s capabilities.

Measure Beyond Agile is a research-based organizational diagnostic for business agility, which helps assess the agility of an enterprise as a whole, recognize imbalances in agility across dimensions, identify areas for organizational development, and legitimize change interventions.

InnoGauge measures the level of innovation capability in an organization along different dimensions, analyse the gap between the level of capability and what is required, and provide recommendations for capability development.

Digital Capability Index helps assess the current state of digital capability along different dimensions, analyse the gap between the level of capability and what is required, and provide recommendations for capability development.

How the organization is designed and implemented has a tremendous impact on its efficiency and effectiveness. Clear definition of accountabilities and authority, a right number of work levels, proper division of labour, and better matching of people to positions are more conducive to high performance than incidental, undefined structures and unrelated activity patterns. Tune Your Org Up is a comprehensive process for organisation analysis and redesign.

The Innovation Intensive is a concise, configurable program that instils creativity in your personnel and adds impetus to your organization’s innovation activities. It consists of theoretical yet practice-oriented workshop modules assembled to fit your business context, optionally followed by inculcation of the learnings in the actual work setting.

The program is particularly suitable for middle-sized (20–100 Meur turnover) organi­zations that are on the lookout for the next spurt of growth and creation of new value.

A digital enterprise calls for orchestrated interplay between business, IT, data management and business analytics. The Jumpstart Digital program helps you assess the current state of your digital capability, identify gaps between digital strategy and its execution, and institute requisite processes for coherent and structured capability development.

Real-time, quantitative, fact-based analysis of large pools of data — Big Data — enables you to sense and seize new opportunities for value innovation, creation, and appropriation in an agile way. However, to leverage the full potential of new analytics technologies, you need to build the respective organizational Data Analytics capability. The course provides a concise and structured overview of how to build and organize an analytics organization.

The course is meant for senior management that deals with building and managing analytics capability in their organization.

This is a concise, half-day training that helps appreciate innovation as a multi-level, multi-dimensional phenomenon and align innovation to the organisation’s resources, competencies, competition and stage of the market. Innovation is seen as a process, whose stages can be seen along different value dimensions. The training provides new vistas into the structure and process of innovation as well as into the development of organizational innovation capability.

Digital business poses entirely new demands on how to manage and organize enterprise-wide digital capability. The course provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of how to implement digital strategy and to organize a digital business. Whether you are an experienced digi veteran or taking your first steps in the digital world, you will get new ideas for the development of your organization.

The course is meant for senior management that deals with developing digital business.

Measure Beyond Agile

Janne J. Korhonen

Principal, Requisite Remedy

Dr. Janne J. Korhonen is an international organization design consultant, enterprise architect, researcher, and digital strategist. With a strong theoretical background in information systems, management science, organizational research and developmental psychology, he brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective of the anatomy of the organization in terms of business and IT architectures, governance structures and organizational behaviour. Dr. Korhonen leverages research insights and leading edge practices to facilitate systemic co-development of technological, organizational and individual capabilities. His interventions aim at transformational vertical development with the potential of order-of-magnitude gains.

Bertrand Giorgi

I have had the pleasure to work with Janne during the design and deployment of an organisation wide Capability-based architecture framework at ECDC. Janne is a very reliable and engaged consultant who makes sure that he working towards customer expectations and seeks frequent reviews and feedback to avoid rework and lost time; combined with his high productivity and discipline that makes him a very valuable contributor. Janne is also a pleasant team member to work with who is interested in the organisation dynamics and demonstrates empathy. I would happily welcome the opportunity to work again with Janne and warmly recommend his Enterprise Architecture experience and expertise.

Bertrand Giorgi

ECDC (2018)

As a mentor, Janne is competent and supportive. He has a good knowledge of various theories and he knows how to apply them to present cases. During our discussions, I have gotten a lot of new ideas how to develop my responsibility area and arguments for how I can motivate other employees in business development projects. I have saved time significantly compared to handling the same challenges alone.

Henrikki Miettinen

LM Information Delivery (2016)

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